The Aveyron is known as 'Green and Serene'. It is a beautiful and diverse region. It ranges from small mediaeval villages clinging to impossible hillsides to 15th century arcaded towns divided by narrow alleyways. From deep ravines cut by the noble rivers of the Lot and the Aveyron to the snowy slopes of Aubrac. From pre-historic tombs to stalactite adorned caves. From brilliantly colourful markets in Villefranche to small flea markets in surrounding villages. From simple cafes to Michelin 3 star restaurants. From horse riding to skiing, golf to hang gliding.

The friendliness of the local people reflects the respect country France still shows to the stranger. Family values remain as a bastion of Aveyron life.


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or from France: 09 65 12 98 17


Aveyron Homes is a service that has been set up to help to find homes in the Aveyron. It is run in England and France by Alan Taylor. Alan has been finding locations for films for the last 30 years. He seems to have a nose for discovering the unusual. For himself, he has found a tower in Whitehall, a 17th century gamekeeper's cottage in Warwickshire and a 15th century chateau near Villefranche de Rouergue. He was also instrumental in the development of Rodez airport.

Advantages of using Aveyron Homes are:


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We have arrangements with most of the estate agents in the region so there is no need

to traipse from one to another.
2. We will negotiate the best possible rate of commission.



We will investigate notaires, local papers and private individuals to find your property.


4. When you choose to see some houses, we can arrange your accommodation and

transport. We will also recommend restaurants if you need them.



We can introduce you to architects, surveyors and builders.


We can research the most suitable mortgage deals.


We can arrange for the property to be managed after its completion.


We can also find businesses for sale.

9. There is no charge for our property finding service.

For an exclusive hotel in the centre of Rodez.

For the best restaurant in the Aveyron with hotel opposite.

For all your transport enquiries.









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