This is a service for those British people who wish to obtain a mortgage for property in SW France. As from April 2006, you will be able to hold residential property, including holiday homes, within your pension fund and you will even be allowed to occupy them as well. So this is the ideal time to be considering buying a property in SW France.

Why SW France? Because it is an area we know very well.

Why use us?

Mortgages in Britain are currently about 6.5%. They are not necessarily easy to obtain and some of the conditions imposed are onerous, like penalty payments for early redemption.

The advantages of working with SW France Mortgages are:


We have excellent contacts with the local banking community.

2. We can obtain approval for a mortgage in a short time period.x

We can find a mortgage to suit your needs, fixed or floating from as little as 3.25%.x


There are no penalty payments for early redemption.x


We know precisely what documents are required so they can be provided well in advance of an initial meeting reducing the timescale for approval.


Insurance at very competitive rates can also be obtained if required..


Our contacts are English speaking so meetings can be held in that language if needed.


You pay no fee for our service. We receive commission only from successful applications.

Even if you have sufficient funds to make a purchase in France, it often makes economic sense to obtain a cheap French mortgage.

tel: 00 33 65 12 98 17

or from France: 09 65 12 98 17